Design Trend: 2015 Color Forecast

Sherwin Williams recently came out with a post about the 2015 Color Forecast and it is so exciting that we thought we would share! Hopefully this serves as inspiration to bring into your work in ways not just as paint color but with any media.



This color trend is all about colors in nature. The somewhat muted palette perfectly embodies the natural colors of the outdoors. We especially think that the Roycroft Mist Gray could be used on just about any wall. Keep in mind these color trends are not just for paint but for any media! Follow the link provided to view this new trend... we promise you won't be disappointed!

link >> Sherwin Williams - Chrysalis

Sherwin Williams - Voyage.jpg


This color trend calls for a bold state of mind. Taking inspiration from the colors of outer space all the way down to the deepest ocean waters, this sci-fi themed palette, will make designers use there skills to create an imaginative space. This trend uses blues, orange, chartreuse and deep purples. What do you think about Sherwin William's bold Impetuous? We would love to hear your thoughts!

link >> Sherwin Williams - Voyage

Sherwin Williams - Buoyant.jpg


This particular color forecast is our personal favorite because of what it stands for. Buoyant is a celebration of pulling ourselves out of the recession and looking forward to the future. This trend uses bright and cheery floral colors, colors that you would find in the rainforest. Most of us like to escape to tropical places for a retreat but why not bring it to our homes? Check out this video below that Sherwin Williams created!

link >> Sherwin Williams - Buoyant

Sherwin Williams - Unrestrained .jpg


Unrestrained is the color trend that will be embraced by the people who enjoy travel. This gypsy-esque color palette bohemian and ethnic but with a very sophisticated eye. When properly used, this trend can be the perfect blend of elegance and inspiration from places far away like South Africa or Rio de Janeiro

link >> Sherwin Williams - Unrestrained