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Design Trend: Finding Inspiration in Fashion

Needing a little insight on what design trends to look out for? One thing you can always count on is the looks seen on the catwalk appearing in interior spaces. Recently, the biggest names in the Fashion Industry have introduced their Spring 2015 lines during fashion weeks around the world. For this post, we thought we would share some of our favorite looks that we think will be easily translated to the home! The first is a look by Giorgio Armani which mixes elements of wavy organic lines, varying grays and blue and green jewel tones. This look could be achieved by gray and jewel toned upholstery and artwork!

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Earthy Green

Our second favorite look is one by Ralph Lauren. As you can see, earthy olive is the focus with a touch of jewel details and nature inspired beading in the skirt. We think that going tone on tone with this color is a must for this trend!

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Black and White

The third look is one designed by Donna Karan. This simple but timeless color combination has and always will be a clean and crisp look for the home. As you can see, the use of black and white can make a space feel bright and airy despite what you may think of the use of such a dark color as black. This look can be achieved as easily as a fresh coat of paint. As always, we would love to hear your feedback and insight on the upcoming trends! Contact us or visit us at either location.