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Design Trend: Preparing for Fall

Recently, we started researching subtle ways to transition a space into Fall. This led us to come across an article on House Beautiful that had great ideas that we thought we would share. (You can find the link HERE). The first of our favorite ideas in the article is in the image that we found to the left, which is using a little plaid to warm up a space (It also doesn't hurt to use warm neutrals like this dark gray).

fall in design .jpg

Warm Glow

We also liked House Beautiful's ideas to add slipcovers to upholstery and lighting to reading and work areas. In fact, we think that adding more lighting to just about any space is a simple way to make a huge impact on a space once the days start getting shorter. It also doesn't hurt to insure that there are plenty of blankets and pillows.

bathroom seating.jpg

Unexpected Seating Spaces

Finally, our favorite way to warm up a home for Fall is to create a seating space with upholstery in a bathroom. Like this image that we found on House Beautiful, adding seating like this is perfect to make a bathroom feel more cozy.