Welcoming Spring

Design Trend: Springtime Design

There's nothing like a change in season that begs for a little update throughout the home. Other than the usual spring cleaning to freshen up the home, we have gathered images with three different ways that we think are the perfect way to bring the happy vibes of spring inside.

spring 7 luxe .png

Obviously, painting the front door is more of a permanent touch... but how lively and inviting does this look?

Spring 3.jpg

There is something about a light green or mint colored coat of paint on a front door that makes for a great entrance. If you're not looking to make that much of a commitment, notice the fresh flower arrangement sitting pretty on the entry console table. Which brings us to our next point...

spring 6 from lauren conrad.jpg

There really aren't any boundaries of where a flower arrangement could be placed throughout the home. The bathroom is really the perfect place to do this.

Spring 4 Thibaut .jpg

Basically any surface is perfect for a touch of softness that flower arrangements bring. There's really nothing that says spring more than plants placed throughout the home. If your client is not one for keeping up with this springtime decor, the last and obvious way that we have for you is to add floral touches through textiles.

Spring 2.jpg

Notice in this image that something as simple as a floral bolster pillow can instantly bring the feeling of spring inside. (It also doesn't help to brighten up the space with wallpaper). What are your favorite ways to prepare a home for spring?