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Designer Spotlight: Aerin Lauder

This post to launch our new blog is all about Aerin Lauder, a designer who is recently making a great impact in the world of design. In everything Lauder does, she does it with an elegance that is uniquely her own. Her new fabric line for Lee Jofa, now available at Design Concepts, perfectly embodies a mixture of natural elements with modern graphic motifs. Lauder's legendary grandmother, Estée Lauder, is her inspiration for just about everything that she designs and you can see hints of Estee's taste in all of her AERIN products. This fabric for Lee Jofa, was awarded Best Fabrics at the Paris Deco Off show this year. Pictured with Lauder's textiles is a lamp from her collection with Visual Comfort, also available in our showroom. In everything that Lauder does, you can expect to see a balance of modern and feminine aspects. Her grandmother loved using blues, white, and gold, and you can see the reflection of that in our display photographed at the end of this post.

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Integrating Vintage Finds

On a trip to Paris, Lauder came across this vintage chandelier (shown on the left) in the window of an antique store. Lauder explains in her book, Beauty at Home, that she immediately fell in love and later designed a similar replica for her lighting line, called the Heather Ceiling Light (shown on the right).

Come on in and see it!

Photographed here is Aerin Lauder's textiles for Lee Jofa and the Culloden Table Lamp on display in the Tulsa Showroom! We would love to answer any questions you may have about these awesome new products.