Hunt Slonem: Fabric, Wallpaper, & Carpet

Hunt Slonem is an American painter, sculptor, and printmaker best known for his Neo-Expressionist paintings of tropical birds and exotic butterflies painted in a style he describes as “exotica”. Slonem now has fabric, wallpaper, and carpet all available through Lee Jofa! For more information on his work with Lee Jofa click here.


Fritillery: “Slonem’s empathy for, and connection to biodiversity in all of its forms, as well as the spiritual connection to the concept of metamorphosis, led him to include the butterfly as one of the recurring themes in his work.”

Bayou Casino.jpg

Bayou Casino: “Slonem’s birds are the witness of his life.”

Catalayas 2.jpg

Catelayas 2: “As a child in Hawaii, Slonem collected orchids, and his passion and respect for the flower continues to this day, including this fragrant, tropical variety.”

Star of India.jpg

Star of India: “Star of India Describes a type of tortoise that was a former pet of the artist. The name also describes a famous sapphire that is one the largest in the world.”


Monsterra: “Slonem’s paintings express a strong affinity, combined with the meditative repetition of objects and forms.”

Bunny Wall.png

Bunny Wall: “Slonem’s fascination with the rabbit began in the early 1980s when he discovered that he was born in the year of the rabbit, according to the Chinese zodiac calendar.”


Guardians: “The Guardians is a series of paintings that feature the eyes and mouths of monkeys, repeated in rows across the canvas using simple brushstrokes to create a recurring pattern.”


Here is a few of our favorites by Hunt Slonem for Lee Jofa!