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Ralph Lauren: Ile Saint Louis

Ralph Lauren has recently introduced a new collection displaying the casual elegance inspired by one of Paris's oldest neighborhoods, Ile Saint Louis. Originally called Ile Notre Dame, this area was known to be a place that Louis IX went to read and pray. Years, later, Louis XIII approved plans to urbanize Ile Saint Louis and it's Late French Renaissance beauty can still be seen today. Filled with many hotels, restaurants and boutiques, this isle has a very quaint and unique feel like none other. With it's floral prints and stripes, this new collection by Ralph Lauren perfectly embodies the romantic history of Ile Saint Louis and will effortlessly create a space fit for the isle.

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The owners, Tim and Cynthia, in Paris

On a trip to Paris, the Swineharts had the privilege of being guests of Ralph Lauren at his restaurant, Ralphs. This All-American designer restaurant that features the wide variety of American food.

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